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I know I owe you a post from in between and an update to my last post but until I finish packing your orders (Thank You) and do some family stuff around the house I’ll give you our weekly menu for now. As always the kids were asked for their input and so we have a few repeats as always!



Sunday 7/14 Spaghetti Night. In our house this really means Spaghetti Squash with both meat and meatless sauces.

Monday 7/15 Pasta Fagioli this has also been updated too because I’m not eating legumes or pasta I will add some of the leftover spaghetti squash from last night and extra vegetables and any greens in the fridge we need to use up. Right now in the crockpot since yesterday is the beef broth that I’ll need to make this just as soon as this post is written. Nothing makes me happier on Mondays especially rainy Mondays than a pot of soup simmering on the stove all day. Plus this is a BIG pot of soup and will work as lunches for most of the week.

steak tacos

Tuesday 7/16 Taco Night This is always one of my favorites, shhhh don’t tell the kids because our week started out so beef heavy we will be having chicken tacos YUM! Who needs shells when there is lettuce available not this girl!

Wednesday 7/17 Breakfast for Dinner I’m changing things up a little. We’ve been having things that are dependent on our produce share, that means we have to wait until then to eat so its been late nights for dinner this week we will try to have something Lexi can start cooking while I get our produce so we can eat shortly after I arrive home instead of after 7pm. Plus this helps to restock the freezer with gluten free pancakes for the kids’ breakfasts.


Thursday 7/18 Stirfry  I love this meal. I love how adaptable it is to whatever veggies we have, whatever protein I want to use. Plus it always tastes a little different and almost always better than the last time!

Friday 7/19 Shish Kabobs & Corn on the Cob I know we don’t usually eat corn because Rory doesn’t tolerate it well, we have found he does ok with Organic Corn in moderation and so he is happily enjoying the one ear a week he is getting through our Organic Produce Share.

Saturday 7/20 Homemade Pizza & Movie Night This is another great meal to use up bits and pieces of greens and veggies just hide them under the cheese.

What is for dinner at your house this week?

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