My Pretty New & Improved Office Makeover

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Remember back a little over a year ago when I gave you a tour of my office? Well I have to say it really hasn’t been working for me. The chair I loved the look of was so painful for me to sit in for even just an hour. I’m short my feet couldn’t quite touch and the mechanism to raise & lower it broke somewhere along the move I think. I did upgrade most of the salves & balms to a taller set of plastic drawers that I crammed in between where the french doors I loved so much and the herb closet doors were meaning neither worked really the way I dreamed. It also made keeping track of inventory really hard because each size were contained together but not each type of salve it was just not ideal but I didn’t really want to spend the money and plus soap storage is weird. In the past year I have transitioned from doing shows all the time and needing to keep things semi portable to not doing any for a while our life and schedule is just too tricky right now to apply and commit to shows when I don’t know if my husband will be out to sea or not when the time comes. Ok I’ll stop talking now and just let you see everything.

The view from the door way



I really tried to utilize the space better including putting up a tension rod across the window where tissue paper is hanging the box next to the printer houses packing peanuts and those giant bubble things that come in packages that I take and stick in my box to use later. Its full now because well I was closed for almost 2 months. I even hung my show apron on the side of the elfa unit. That ikea epedit unit moved to were the desk used to be and there is now a different cabinet next to it because that old white dresser is being used in the guest room now. The desk is along the wall where the white dresser and plastic drawers used to be. I’ve also been busy hanging odds & ends pics of the kids on the mirror wall you know so I don’t scare myself.

The Left wall from the door



Ok so the Elfa was a little more than the Ikea dressers I was looking at but the Container Store is also like an hour closer (being right down the street) AND I actually have more room now for not only finished product but curing soap as well. Though to be honest there is still some curing the old fashioned way in cardboard boxes because I didn’t think it was the best use of my time to move it to the curing drawers until i wrap it this week then move it again into its actually ready for sale place. The larger two units on the left hold all the soap, except the top drawer in the middle thats all lip balms and I need to find something to keep them separate which will mean another trip to the container store and after my credit card nearly melted the last time I’ve been avoiding it. The right unit is salves each TYPE has its own drawer so I can now see at a glance when I need to make more of something. In addition to the salves the upper deep drawer has a jumble of deodorants that Finn was so proud to put away for me I haven’t had the heart to go straighten them out so go BUY some deodorant so I have less to organize, please. The bottom deep drawer has face washes, cleansing grains & body butters.

On top of the elfa

I call this my staging area for lack of ay creativity left in my head. I have all of my packing mailers, bubble mailers, some paperwork I still need to get to, my post cards, red sharpies for writing on packages, paper clips and enough space to stand and write out the thank you cards. Note the mask moved from paperwork over to the desk area. I took this picture a couple days ago and then didn’t finish the pictures because my desk was still a mess and kids wanted me to cook dinner. I also really love that since the younger boys got kindle fires I scored myself a 20 generation ago ipod touch which lives permanently on my speaker thing with pandora I think the kids are getting sick of my Pogues station though but I had a TON of work to do in here.

I really love how much space I have up here to work.

The window/back wall



One of my big pet peeves with the old layout besides the soap drawers being so low were they were all the way across the room so I started thinking more kitchen work triangle this time around. Initially I was going to assemble the orders along the top of the elfa, the problem is usually the kids help me pull the orders so they wouldn’t be able to easily see up there without a stool and that would be a pain with those drawers, so I’ll keep them on the lower ikea expedit so I can still get some help. In those bins now only teas. One tea per bin all in order. AHHH so simple.

The right wall



I’ve also decided where most people have a dream board I’m going to have dream walls all over my office. Starting with those mirrors, on the right side is pictures of my kids, on the left mirror are things I desire in my someday home. The important stuff though is the stuff in the middle, lots of motivating pictures and phrases to help me on my fitness/weightloss journey. Ok and there are a couple possible haircut ideas and a picture of my next tattoo want. Look I even have some halloween decorations on my desk.

I’ve been skirting around this though now in glimpses in bunches of pictures. My NEW chair. I saw it a couple weeks ago before any of the other stuff even happened and told lexi I really liked it but didn’t really want to spend the money on it. I waited I pondered and the other day I pounced and splurged. I figured I spent all the other bazillion credit card melting dollars to make me want to work in my office to be in here and as long as I had a chair that I physically couldn’t sit in for more that 20 minutes it would me negatively impacting both my  Lana Bella work and my physical transformation work. I love, LOVE, love it. Its probably my favorite part about this whole office makeover. SHHHH don’t tell my husband though he thinks those spendy elfa shelves are my favorite and maybe they are a tie after all.

So what have you been doing or thinking of doing to make YOUR life easier?

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