30 days of thanks… day 1

Posted by Jenni Feingold on

Yes I know two posts in one day. I just wanted to say even though today I feel quite under the weather and have a to do list 84,000 things deeps that will never get finished I am thankful.

I am most thankful today for hot cups of tea with herbs thoughtfully added by my dearest lexi to keep my chest spasming down to a minimum and my voice from sounding like a 90 year old chain smoker all the time. I am so glad that she has been with me though my herbal journey and may not know exactly why she chooses the herbs she does but does so intuitively and from her heart and soul. Be on the look out for items in her own shop as well I know she has plans and much like me has so many ideas she is having trouble figuring out just exactly where to start!

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