30 days of thanks…day 2

Posted by Jenni Feingold on

Ha ha sneaking this one in there! Unfortunately for me I’m still very much thankful for Lexi and tea. I am also thankful today that salves can be made in a drawn out process giving me time to rest in between. I was so lucky to have lexi measure out the beeswax and cocoa butter for me , pull the essential oils off the shelves, and even get the containers prepped for me so I could melt then rest and update labels before I had to get up to pour them all. Then she even graciously just capped them for me as well so I could write this quick blog post.

I am so very thankful for the job I have as a mom and being able to make these products for you and in about 5 more minutes I’m going to be most thankful for my head hitting the pillow for the night even if I’ll be up 80 times because of this darn cold.

I can’t wait til I can write the post that I’m feeling better!


Good night

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