I’ve been knitting, and knitting, and knitting.

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I know I’ve been knitting a little here and there for a while now. In the past few months I’ve really fallen in love though. I’ve gotten good enough that I don’t have to look at my hands constantly while knitting anymore, I’m comfortable knitting flat or in the round, I’ve even added a ton of new skills like  cables, short rows and even the provisional cast on. Sorry for all the pictures (I did mention I’ve been knitting lots right) I’ve been a busy girl. Clicking on the links after the photos you can read more about the patterns and yarns used.


Doesn’t this basket full of yarn make you want to knit?


It started back in October when I started knitting to make sure I had a jumpstart on the busy birthday/holiday season with this monster for Finn. Meet Maddox as you can see Finn loved his birthday monster.


Next up Lexi had requested a black cat ear hat. I was so excited to use my new stitch markers.


Isn’t Lexi so pretty with her ear flap cat hat?


When Lexi went up to Connecticut for the holidays my sister saw her hat and asked for me to make her one too. Rory modeled it for her.

I even made a striped version for my other sis (aka my little brother’s long time girlfriend Kristin) alas, I forgot to get a picture of it.


My very first cable project was a scarf for Lexi in hindsight I should have used a different yarn and my stitch markers much more because cabled rows are harder to count than I realized.


Then I started to panic. Aidan was leaving in Mid November to go to Baltimore for Thanksgiving and he had no hat and I only had 2 days so I had to use whatever yarn I could find at the local craft store at 8pm after a slight mishap with his first hat being accidentally felted in the washer. This slouchy hat was perfect and super quick to knit!


From October til about 10 days into December in between all projects I had a pair of these little mittens on needles.


A pregnant friend having a little boy needed a little baby shower gift. So onto the needles went this adorable little hat.


Isn’t it adorable? I still can’t get over just how small this newborn sized long tail hat is.


My mailbox had a happy, happy, joy, joy day when all this arrived one day.


And, I kept knitting mittens.


I started knitting Lexi a pair of gloves.


I finished one cat in the hat glove. Though currently I’ve also taken it back apart because the thumb was funny on it. Its a back burner project for now.

monster I started Jack’s birthday present.


Loving monsters.


I love, love, love the super long arms on these monsters, and I can’t wait to get my hands on that colorway yarn again either.


finally finished the mitten advent calendar garland.


I started a cable rimmed hat for my little brother in the same green yarn from his scarf I made him last Christmas.


Thankfully this cable hat it was also a pretty quick project and I will be making these for the whole family if we ever live where we need hats again.


Cast on Rory’s creeper. If you or your kids play the game minecraft you know what a creeper is. Rory loves/hates them and its the ONLY thing he wanted for Hannukkah/Christmas so it HAD to happen. Even if that means knitting til 2am on Christmas Eve to pull it off.


And, pull it off I did. Here is Rory dancing with his Creeper.


Finn requested a dinosaur vs. another monster so a dinosaur he would get. The yarn for this is even called dino-RAWR.


Spent some time playing with my Christmas gifts, my ball winder,


and, swift.


Took a quick dinosaur break to knit myself up a quick pair of slippers because we were having a cold front and my toes were cold.


Went back and finished Basil the Brontosaurus who loves to give Maddox rides.


Then my girlie was coming home after a month in Connecticut and I knit her a little soft kitty as part of her Christmas gift.


You get a bonus picture because I think Lexi looks so beautiful in this one.

I haven’t stopped knitting I’ve been knitting a pair of socks. Socks take a long time but they will get a separate post I’ve been documenting their progress via instagram quite a bit.

Do you knit? Whats on your needles right now?

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