I made Aidan a Quilt

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In the tradition I started of the year of making each of the kids a quilt the next birthday up was Aidan’s. HIs favorite color is blue I thought this would be super easy to work with. I was not so pleasantly surprised to find that so many blue fabrics are either boring or floral, making a quilt for a would be 13 year old boy florals were OUT.


This was the start of my fabric pull back in January. Not all of those fabrics made it into the final quilt though.

Of course I again forgot to take pictures while I was sewing the blocks together someday I’ll learn from all those quilt bloggers I follow and swoon over.


I layed out all the blocks took multiple pictures to make sure I had everything right. This is the movin on up  pattern from  Crazy Mom Quilts. Ignore those wrinkly guys at the bottom after I had placed everything I had to feed the kids so I just rolled it all up using the quilt I had put everything on I did re press them before sewing them.


While watching a movie with the kids with my ipad out for photo layout reference  sewed those pieces into rows.


Ta da the top aka my part is done now it gets sent off to Tarabu for her to quilt.


I love the in the ditch quilting she did!


This was the BEST surprise! I had send binding and fabric for her to “do something”  with the backing and Tarabu went above and beyond and blocked out Aidan’s name.

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